Your Contribution With Our New Space

As you all know PSMC already moved to new place from No. 70 Market Street, Smithfield, NSW 2164 to No. 21-31 Redmayne Road, Horsley Park, NSW 2175. This new place stands on 4.5 acres of land and which has 5 bedrooms double-storey house.

To become as an meditation center in this new place we need to build

1) Dhamma Hall.

2) Yogi residence and cottages for both men and women.

3) Kitchen and Dining Hall.

4) Fence around the area

5) Front Gate and

5) Car Parking.

6) We also need to renovate the main building to suit our abbots.

We greatly appreciate and welcome whatever donations or contributions in attaining to PSMC. 

Keep on supporting the Buddha Sāsana.

May we all finally attain Nibbāna!

Sādhu!  Sādhu!  Sādhu!