The Latest News

Dear Yogis and Devotees,

PSMC is pleased to announce that we are now conducting meditation sessions and we welcome everybody, regardless of background, age and origin.

Meditation enables us to calm the mind, improve mental clarity, reduce stress and everybody can benefit from the practical practices for living a more peaceful and joyful life.
The best way to understand the benefits of meditation is to experience them for yourself.

If you like to know about Vipassana Meditation (Insight Meditation) and have the interest to learn how to develop your body and mental ENERGY through Vipassana Meditation, we warmly invite you to our meditation center.

Join our guided meditation sessions to try out meditation for yourself, at:

Panditarama Sydney Meditation Centre Inc. (PSMC)

Address: 21–31 Redmayne Road,
Horsley Park, NSW2175

Phone: +61 2 9620 2174
(Please call before you come.)

Meditation Session:
Every Wednesday and Saturday
Time: (6pm – 8pm)