Retreats – 2024

10 Days Retreat Images (1-10 March 2024)

Retreat Group

10 Days Retreat in March 2024 has successfully completed. Participated total of 9 yogis from Burmese, Indonesian, Malaysian nationalities. Everyone was doing their best to be mindful and diligently meditated for the entire period of stay. Several generous dhamma friends also provided with meal dana for Sayadaws and retreat participants. A few volunteers also attended for meal preparation for the yogis to have peace of mind during retreat.

PSMC committee appreciate and would like to express thanks to the dhamma friends for meal dana and volunteer works. Also, thanks for the yogis for attending the retreat, understanding and being content with the space constraints. Sayadaws for providing teaching and care for the yogis.

We welcome any donation for the future success of retreat in terms of space, meal, volunteer dana. 

At present, we are still in the process of preparing construction for future Dhamma Hall, Dining hall, Sima Hall, Car park etc. After the completion of the new buildings, we expected to be able to provide better accommodation for more yogis. For that we are now accepting the donation for future construction. 

PSMC Committee 2024

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